Sunday, 13 June 2010

Anything goes week 3 sneek peeks!

Im just getting ready for next weeks Anything Goes challenge so here are a few Sneek Peeks! Last week was Pink, Pearls and Lace, there was a lot of great ideas.

Our foster dog Billy went to his forever home today, with a lovely family from Devon. I shed a few tears but it was a very happy day as he got the home he deserves.


Poppet said...

Tease, and I'm glad Billy has a new forever home. :-) xx


Oh, I bet you'll miss him though. Hopefully his new owners will send you some pics now and again? I know I would! Is the next challenge something like blue, green and buttons??!

Best wishes,


Daisy236 said...

Not quite Paula all will be revealled on Tuesday