Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Craft Bucket

Here is my new Craft Bucket. It's so bright, I love it, and so useful too! I have a magnetic pin holder so I made a deep pocket to store that in.
I have used the new technique for the flying! I used some lovely fabric that a friend brought back from Australia. The rest of the Craft Bucket is made out of a range of Bali Batiks that I have had for years so it is great to use it up!
More pockets for my scissors, and other bits and bobs.

I added a few buttons for an extra interested!
This is the final side, with more flying geese and you have taken the virtual tour of my new updated Craft Bucket! Oh wait a minute, what about the inside of the bag I hear you cry.......
More pockets!
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The flying ducks are dead!

After teaching a lovely group of ladies at the Craft Den, they posted their finished craft buckets on their blogs. The patchwork section of the bag were Flying Geese, well the ladies called them all sorts, some repeatable, flying ducks, flying swans! I know they won't mind me saying but they struggled with the paper piecing technigue so I've banished those dead ducks to the bin! Here 's another way to make them......

So I thought I would revamp the craft bucket, using the new patchwork technique. The craft bucket is great for storage but lacks pockets so watch this space for an updated version. Here is a sneek peek of the fabric I am using.....

If you fancy having a go at making another craft bucket, just let Lynne know and we will get another class together!

The original version is here.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Back to sewing....

I needed a new mobile phone/ purse so I found out a few patterns but in my wisdom I decided I could make it easier in my own! Four attempts later I am happy with the finished item! The photo above is my 3rd attempt!
I added a few finishing touches, a button to close it and a strap on the back so I can clip it to my jeans when I am walking the dogs.
This is my final attempt, the first few turned out too bulky so I used wadding on one side and interfacing to strenghten the fabric on the front. I also shaped the closing flap to make it look more pleasing!

 Here are the finished items, I think my sister may get one for Christmas!

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crafty ongoings.....

Im just catching up with my online class with Shimelle "Explore". We had 3 questions to consider......
  1. Where do you spend the most time each day?
  2. In which of these locations are you most comfortable?
  3. Which of theses locations adds the most value to your day?
I've realised I spend the most time in my bed! OMG that sound awful, I need at least 8 hours sleep to function at my best! I only work 7 hours a day, the rest of the day is my own!! When I looked at the locations where I spent the most time sitting and what adds most value I placed them from left to right in the higest value. My creative time makes me happy and all the other stuff bearable. I love to relax with the dogs on the sofa and then work came last. I know it pays the bills and I wouldnt be able to do the other stuff without it but that's all it is!

The next prompt in Shimelle's class is to write about memories that the locations bring to mind, she also wants us to write or doodle on the photos. I was impressed that I managed to added text to the photos above, I'm shying away from using my own handwriting but may have a go at the weekend!

This week I am also preparing for the next sewing workshop at the Craft Den I've finally cut up some of the lovely Kath Kidstone fabric I bought a while ago.

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There are some places left on the Bank Holiday Weekend if you have no plans on Saturday 27th August contact Lynne here