Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The flying ducks are dead!

After teaching a lovely group of ladies at the Craft Den, they posted their finished craft buckets on their blogs. The patchwork section of the bag were Flying Geese, well the ladies called them all sorts, some repeatable, flying ducks, flying swans! I know they won't mind me saying but they struggled with the paper piecing technigue so I've banished those dead ducks to the bin! Here 's another way to make them......

So I thought I would revamp the craft bucket, using the new patchwork technique. The craft bucket is great for storage but lacks pockets so watch this space for an updated version. Here is a sneek peek of the fabric I am using.....

If you fancy having a go at making another craft bucket, just let Lynne know and we will get another class together!

The original version is here.

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