Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Holiday crafting...

Here are my sewing projects from my holiday. I couldn't post more than one picure on Blogger earlier this week. I enjoyed making the small scrip bag from a pattern by Jennie Rayment. The bag is gather at the top so it looks smaller that it really is! As always I didn't take the right fabric but my good friend Norma, shared her fabric with me, I love the cute stars and moons!
I had great fun planning a quilt for my Superking size bed at home. The fabric is by Amy Butler, which I bought a while ago. I hadn't really estimated how much fabric I would need. I'm a bad planner but Norma is so organised and was happy to help, we were planning the quilt together over tea and scones . It was lovely because I got to go out and buy more fabric . I added two polka dot fabrics to complement the fabric I already had. The picture shows the quilt laid out on my bed at home it is in 4 large sections ready for me to quilt. Knowing me that will be on next year's holiday!
I also finished my Niece Isabel's quilt which I will post later this week. I need to take a better photo now it's totally finished! I can't wait for next year, it is just so nice to know you have a whole week with friends to craft!

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