Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scrapbooking with fabric

 Last weekend I attended Jennie Dobson's Wonderful Waves workshop. It was great we got to experiment with simple wavy seam constructions to re-interpret traditional patchwork designs.

We began with an easy method for cutting wavy seams. The wavy patchwork added a subtle new quality to  the background of an idea I was working on some time ago. Next  we applied this method to traditional pieced block designs, lending them a windswept look, which worked well with this beach themed project.

My focus is to remember the good times we had with Big G (George), he loved the beach. We rescued him at the age of 7, we had 4 years with him. I still think about him a lot, he was a real character! I also have some words and titles printed on fabric which I have pieced in using the wavy seams. I think I will frame the pictures with wavy borders too!

It is still work in progress, Jennie showed me how to piece my curved flying geese into the background, this had stopped me working on this project for a while. I am now one step nearer to finishing it!

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Poppet said...

Looking great so far Jo, I bet it brings back many memories. :-) xx