Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What a sad day.....

My teenage heart throb as passed away...Patrick Swayze RIP. I remember as a teenager when Dirty Dancing was released at the cinema, I went to see it over 10 times, often leaving school early.....it was my final year! I know that's no excuse.

Patrick Swayze was amazing in Dirty Dancing, I love his other films too, Ghost, The Outsiders, Point Break and even the not so well known ones! He plays a great woman in To Wang Foo along with Wesley Snipes!!
Back in 2006 he appeared in the West End in Guys and Dolls playing Nathan Detroit. We couldnt miss the opportunity to see him in real life. It was a day to remember, we waited by the Stage Door to meet him! I felt like a teenager again!
I've hidden my journalling under the theatre ticket.......

We have also been to see the West End version of Dirty Dancing, the stage show was great. Ive never completed a scrapbook page without any photos but was inspired to for our visit to London to see the show!
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
"I carried a watermelon"


sandra said...

Great pages. He was a lovely man, and a great actor. Love Dirty dancing and Ghost. Love Sandra x

sue said...

my girls are grieving too they LOVED dirty dancing they watched it over and over again (they never understood the story fortunatly)
love the pages special memories x sue x

angelwhispers Chanelle said...

my daughters are very sad too can't tell you how many times they have seen the file & played the music!! Love the layouts though Joe a lovely keepsake xx