Saturday, 17 September 2011

Starting point finished.....

I've finished Shimelle's Starting Point! I had great fun, it is so nice to be back scrapbooking. I have a huge pile of photos just waiting......
Look at the animals on this! During our holiday in Devon, we had said all week we were going to the Zoo, my little niece Isabel was so excited. She isn't on these shots as she was fast asleep in her pram! It was a rainy day but we didnt care, this is us in the dessert, it was boiling hot.
Now here are some nicer looking animals. I love giraffes, the colours, the print of their skin, so slender and tall! I think I will come back as a!
I've stamped a title and punched some jungle leaves!

A big thank you to Sarah who left comments on my last post, I used her idea for a title. It made me chuckle when I read it.


It was "A Zoo-pa Day Out"!
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Brenda Smith said...

I just love the clusters of leaves aNd butterflies. Great idea to turn it into a 2 pager.


jsquaredscrapspot said...

Love how you turned it into a double pager and your die cut leaves

Poppet said...

Great pages Jo, love the backing and the way you have clustered the photos framed with the leaves. :-) xx