Monday, 24 October 2011

More Pretty Paper Party......

I'm slowly keeping up with Shimelle's online class Pretty Paper Party. Prompt 3 sets a challenge of creating scrapbook pages without knowing what the photographs are. I love this idea as I always start with a photograph. The picture above shows my colletion of paper. The challenge asks you to select:
  • 5 small one colour prints
  • 3 small multi oloured prints
  • 2 large multi colour prints suitable for cutting
  • 1 multi coloured stripe to pull it all together.
Now the hard part starts, Ive got to cut into the paper to make six different layouts......

Here is my layout from the second prompt. Shimelle challenged us to start with a patterned background rather than using a plain card stock.
Why dont you come and join the Party here?
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Zeffy said...

Hi Joanne i am following Shimelle's classes but have not been on the forum yet and have done none of the L.O.well done to you..the l.O looks lovely..was it easy do make?