Thursday, 11 June 2009

A day for blue

I am following Shimelle's A Month of Colour. Today was A Day for Blue...there was some gorgeous pictures of blue skies so I thought I would share my blue picture with you.......It was taken last year on holiday in Anglesey. Have you got a blue picture you would like to share?


Gail said...

Looks very peaceful there, and Daisy (or is it George?) looks like she's enjoying it too! My bullie used to love dribbling a basketball over the sand at light speed, but she can't do it now (although she still tries) as she's too old.

Gail x

Daisy236 said...

Hi's George. Daisy doesnt sit still on the beach, she's mad about her frisbee! George is 10 now so he is more sedate. It was a great place, I love the beach!