Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I've had such a busy weekend, we had a family Bonfire Party. My sister made the scrummy Snickers muffins above and the OH made a Baileys and Chocolate Cheesecake. He is great, he just makes the recipes up as he goes along! The party was lovely, we had a few pretty fireworks for my niece Isabel...no bangers as she only 16 months old!
I am working on scrapbooking my recent London trip with my Grandma, I am putting them in an 8x8 book so I wont bore you with it as you have seen the photos before! I love looking back through my scrapbooks, this is one of my favourite pages. My sister and I went back to New York in 2007. We had been before so this time we had a list of stuff we either missed or loved the first time round! As always it is a double page layout with the title going over both pages. I wanted to keep the page black and white with a hint of colour so I picked out the blue of the NY sky.

I mentioned a while ago on my blog that I would show you the pages about my motorbike accident. Id forgotten how bad they are...design wise! I think these pages were completed within the 1st six months of scrapbooking so dont look at the LO. I like the photos and the story it tells!

I was in and out of hospital for 3 years, and I think 5 operations before I started to totally recover. I spent the 1st 6 months in a wheelchair which meant I had to move out of my flat and in with some very kind friends. Some of you know Mary who comes to the Craft Den with me, she set up a bedroom for me in her Dining room and I lived with her for a year until I found a ground floor flat! Mary taught me how to sew and the rest is history! It helped my recovery as it took my mind of the situation I was in. When I looked back now, it brings back lots of good memories Ive forgotten the bad bits!


angelwhispers Chanelle said...

Love your pages Joe and the story it tells about the accident!! Sounds as if Mary was a life saver xx The muffins and cheesecake love fabulous!! xxx

Kathryn said...

I think these pages about your accident are really good, and really keep those memories alive in a positive way for you. What a lovely lady Mary is! If you saw my layouts in the fisrt 6 months.... I love the angles you have used and the repeated photo in different sizes. K x